Welcome to
I can’t thank you enough for bringing
such joy to us.  We got Hank from you
in October 2012.  His dob is 08/29/12.  
Just wanted to send you a few pictures.
I think he snores louder than we do J
He did great with his neutering.  He is
6 months and is weighing 60lbs.  \

We purchased a rottmastiff mix from you before christmas and
my husband said you wanted pics. Here is Diesel!! He had been
a blessing to our home and me and the boys just love him!! He
is a little crazy at times but thats what puppies do! He is
definitely my little protector, he follows me everywhere when I
am home alone and growls at all of the doors, it is pretty
comical. We love him and he is pretty happy too!

Thank you,
Chris and Amy Hovatter

Yes you can put him on there! I will see if I can get some better
pics also. He definitely  has taken more of the rott trait. He
weighs about 60 lbs so the vet doesnt think he will be as big as
a mastiff. Kindof on the smaller side. They fell in love with him
when he went to get neutered and got to sped the day with him.
They didnt even keep him tied up, they let him hang out with
Hi! Just want to give you some pictures of "Omar".
We are absolutely in love with our little monster!
He's so precious! Thank you!
Sarah Donald
Hey Betty this is Bethany and Ruben giving you an update on our girl Arya. She's growing so fast
and learning quickly. Her training is coming along well. She sits, paws, comes, and lies down on
command and is getting more comfortable wearing her leash. She's made a great new addition to
the family. She loves playing with her older "brothers," watching Mommy coach soccer, and
wrestling with daddy. Here are some pictures of her first 3 weeks.
Hi Betty

Eric said he talked to you and you wanted to see some pictures of Tank. They are attached.
He has been a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you again  Tank is 16 weeks old and
weighs 40 lbs. Best dog ever!!
Here are some new pics of our buddy Memphis! He is an amazing dog and has fit
right into our family. We still can't thank you enough for working with us! Jim
Hi Betty. I just wanted to write you a
short note and tell you what a
wonderful dog Haley is. She has the
best tempermant and is such a loving
dog. I recently became a grandma and
when baby Kamden is here she will not
leave his side. That's HER baby lol.
Thank you for selling her to me. She is
still spoiled rotten! Even had a cake for
her birthday the other day!
Hi Betty
Well Bella is 15 mths and
is beautiful, she has
become my shadow I
move she moves. I
couldn't have asked for a
more perfect best friend,
she's  learning to pick up
on my vertigo spells and
she is still just as much as
a clown as when i first
brought her home. Thanks
Betty .
Hope Groves
Hi, we took Gunny to the
vet today and she said he
is very healthy and a great
Puppy! He is 18 lbs 10 oz
He is doing very well. He
certainly has stolen all of
our hearts! Thanks again
for everything . The Totas
Hi Betty,

Just wanted to let you know that "Jake" is doing great!!!  He is such a sweetie with
little devil horns...lol.  Anyway, a few pictures attached for you.

Thanks Again,
Jenn Carreiro
Just some pics of daisy all grown up.Thanks again for everything.

Jeremy Davis
Here is Hook's sister, Sophie Bella at 5
months old. She is such a fabulous
dog. Thanks Betty!

I wanted to take some time and send some pictures of our wonderful a
fantastic dog and one of the easiest dogs I have ever trained. Attached
are pictures of him and our other dog Lindsay who is a lab beagle mix,
they get along wonderfully.
I hope the holidays treat you and your family well.

Happy holidays,
Mackenzie Sullivan & Gavin Graham
Hello! My name is Jessica Andrews, and we added
one of your mountain mastiff puppies to our family
updates and possibly to add another dog to our
family! ~Jessica
our family!
Thank you so very much! He is a beautiful and a
huge hearted sweetheart!

The Semple's

Time flies and we have been so happy
and busy. I wanted to send you a few
pictures of our Bernese (Raclette)
which we have from your farm. He gets
- Nutella the Cocker Spaniel.
Thanks for all.
Alexis Sarkissian
puppy I purchased from you is
absolutely WONDERFUL ! She has
very well with house training. We are
very pleased ! She has stolen I  just
wanted to let you know that the
everyone’s heart and is getting along I  
just wanted to let you know that the
with her big sister Marley ( our other
long haired daushund who is 18
months) The Vet said she is a very
recommend you as a breeder to
others. Pictures coming soon ! Thanks