Hello! My name is Jessica Andrews, and we added one of your
mountain mastiff puppies to our family back in May. I am writing to
tell you that we couldn't have asked for a better member for our
family! We chose a female, and named her Cricket. At 8 months,
she weighs 65 lbs and we just had her spayed. She is proving to be
a fantastic dog. Took to all her training quickly, doesn't chew
anything indoors, and loves all people and dogs. My husband and I
frequently get comments on what a well behaved puppy she is! We
think she favors the bernese as far as her looks-her coat is
medium length with feathers on her hind quarters and tail. She
loves to jump and run and dig-always has to be doing something
outside, and is very vocal, maybe like the corso in her! She is very
energetic which we love, as we are always outside! She loves being
out in the rain and snow with me, and follows me around without
needing to be always on a leash. The only health issue we've
encountered is that she is not as iron stomached as some dogs,
but I'm just more careful of other animal droppings in our yard. Our
son, Mason,  just loves her, and helps walk and feed her every
day. Overall, she has been a delight to have, and we couldn't have
asked for a better fit! Thank you, and will contact you in the future
with updates and possibly to add another dog to our family!

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